I design web sites.
But I bet you'd like to know a bit more!

I create lovingly handcrafted web sites that are made to mesure with particular attention paid to typography, layout and beautiful simplicity. My sites are built using up-to-date web technologies and comply with modern web standards, such as those of W3C. They work perfectly with all the common browsers, namely Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer (7+).

Frequently asked questions

I would like to be able to update my web site myself. Is that possible?

Yes. I use a CMS (Content Management System) which enables the texts and photos on a web site to be easily updated.

I don't yet have a logo. Can you create one?

Yes. I have experience in designing logos. You can see a selection in my portfolio.

Do you handle hosting and domain names?

Certainly. I can also help you select a domain name as well as the best type of hosting for your web site.

Will my site work on a tablet and smart phone?

Yes. I can also create versions that are specifically catered for those devices.

I would like to promote my site using social media. Can you help ?

Of course. I can advise you in choosing a type of social media to suit your needs and on how to integrate it to your site.

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